Womb Wisdom and the group of eleven other wonderful sisters in the reclaiming the power of the feminine. Click on the image. Also visit www.womb-a-thon.com
You can now find me under The Light of Ishtar www.thelightofishtar.com I am know located in Denver, CO and in Boulder, CO You can reach me at 602-451-8200

Queen of the Angels Medicine Wheel Readings and Sessions

Sessions can be done by Skype, E-mail or Phone. Please copy and paste link for more information. www.queenoftheangels.weebly.com www.queenoftheangels.weebly.com

Queen of the Angels Soul Path Consultations

Queen of the Angels Soul Path Consultations Where Spirit Matters-your go to for life purpose and soul path consultations! Hello All, Hope your summer is well I have invited you to enjoy a summer reading it a great way to bring in the season. Get clarity with a Mediumship Reading Style Queen of the Angels is your go to place for insight and awareness of your connection to spirit and remembering who you are. Angelic, Divine Mother mediumship style of readings focusing on sacred geometry grids, Soul Imprint, Soul Purpose and Life Purpose. Connect with the divine and develop your own connection to your spirit guides. In Phoenix, AZ and readings are done in person, phone, and Skype for clients around the world. Payment made through Paypal priestess37@gmail or 602-451-8200 to set up your appointment. www.queenoftheangelsweebly.com see us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 602-451-8200 www.queenoftheangels.weebly.com

Sacred Soul Path Readings

I will be reading at the Astrology Store in Downtown Glendale in the Phoenix Area this weekend from 10-6 PM. 20 Min for $30 and offering in person and phone reads. Save $10.00 on an hour phone read. Services of Quality and Light.1-602-451-8200 www.queenoftheangels.weebly.com

The Power Of Radiant Being

The Power of Radiant Being, a journey of inner awakening for a transformed powerful illuminated being. Reclaim your power and embody your authentic power as a radiant spiritual being. Yogic journey of transformational light for women and also men. ~This is a four week series that will meet weekly. This is the circle of Radiant beings where will explore mantra, meditation practices, sound healing, shamanic journey and yoga to transform and heal. ~We will create sacred space to connect to our divine being and our soul. This is a inner journey of healing and heighten awareness to unlock the truth of who you are and connect to a higher way of being. ***Dec 8 at 7:00-8:30 PM in the North Metro Denver area of Broomfield, CO $100 paid through Paypal if using a credit card and cash or check. Please RSVP and a $25 deposit paid at registration. Please call me to register 1-602-451-8200 Bring a notebook, blanket and yoga mat. Phoenix

Kundalini Yoga Services

Great News! I am now offering Kundalini Yoga Services, Classes, events, lectures and more! all other services still available readings and more!

The Rise of the Goddess

The Rise of the Red Raven

Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing

Menu of Soul Services Available for all of Healing & Soul Supportive Needs

1. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

explore your past lives or bring healing from other life times that affect you today! Explore Life between Lives-who are you on the other side. Clear and release trauma with Cellular Release Therapy or any belief or pattern that stands between you and your true life potential. Release and clear intrusive energies and bring healing on a deep soul level.

2. Shamanic/Alchemical Healing

Soul Retrieval and Chakra Shaman Journey Work and meeting and working with your spiritual team and power animals for healing.

3. Plant Spirit Healing

Journey and explore plant allies for healing and transformation working with elemental realm and flowers for healing on deep levels.

4. Vibrational Flower/Gem Essences Therapy

A Healing session for your own custom blend to bring healing of emotional patterns and more to support you in a healing process to release and clear using the healing benefits of the flower world.

5. Aromatherapy

This is a journey into the world of aroma for healing and for your own custom blend also the healing benefit of the Raindrop Technique placing 12 oils along the spine for healing and relaxation.

6. Crystal/Gem Healing

This is the ancient art of laying of the stones to bring healing & balance to the chakras & aura placing of the healing crystals on the body and crystal grid work to bring release and clearing of energies.

7. Meduim/Channeled Tarot Soul Readings

Have a healing soul tarot reading explore your life path and how you can transform blocks and obstacles receive insight & guidance on your soul path connect with healing guides and angels

8. Goddess Readings

Have a reading with the Divine Feminine using Goddess cards and connecting to the otherside to other healing guides and masters. My combine with a tarot reading to enjoy both and receive assistance from Goddess and Angel!

9. Herbal Intuitive Remedies

Healing herbal baths to promote healing with the healing benifit of water will use the herbal tarot to use plants to bring healing to specific issues.

10. Sacred Sound Healing
Using crystal/tibetan bowls and chanting/mantra work and angel tuning forks for healing also will combine crystals and oils to enhance and bring healing.

11. Soul Rescue/Soul Detox & Clearing
This is a spirit release process and the release of intusive energies to source this is healing to client and the energy as it is released to source.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation offering private, group, business services.